Moringa & Pregnancy

The Role Of Moringa During & After Pregnancy


Research shows the enormous benefits that Moringa offers to pregnant and nursing mothers. Moringa supplies nutrients for the whole family.


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(At 07″ 30′ of the above video – benefits for nursing mothers and babies from Lowell J. Fuglie of Church World Service and Blanche Sambou Diatta – Midwife at Belfore State clinic, Ziguinchor, Senegal)
Click to read the research paper by Blanche Sambou Diatta: pregnant and nursing mothers.

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“It wasn’t until the last six weeks of using Moringa Leaf Powder that I realized the powerful punch this superfood packs”.




by: Donna Earnest Pravel

Excerpt taken from

(NaturalNews) The moringa tree is grown in southeast Asia and Africa as a source of food. Tall seed pods grow from the flowers of the moringa tree, giving moringa the nickname “drumstick tree.” Moringa leaf is found in some superfood recipes because of its high calcium and potassium content. Moringa leaf tea is used specifically by midwives to increase breast milk production in lactating mothers. According to an Agriculture Business Week news article, moringa leaf has been promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) for years as an inexpensive health booster for poor countries. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recognizes moringa leaf for its high vitamin A, C, iron, and HDL cholesterol levels. The herb has been scientifically proven as an anti-bacterial agent, and as a way to improve glucose tolerance in diabetic rats.

However, moringa leaf is a wonderful herb to help breastfeeding mothers produce more milk for their babies.

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