Moringa For Athletes


We are proud to have Ultra Endurance Trail Runner/Sky Runner Alister DreamWilder as our Brand Ambassador. Click here to watch short 2min clip. “The best sustaining energy for an adventure ultra trail runner …..Akan Moringa has not only maintained my physical vitality but I am able to perform at optimum when I need it most!! thank you Akan Moringa for your amazing lifestyle product :):) “

“Just created a great recovery drink yesterday …Just a tea spoon a day of Akan Moringa is a magical healing plant that I have been living on for the last month. (Mood) feeling “Moringa “strong. Blended with banana, Spirulina ,Chia and Maca makes a great recovery drink. Just got news that I get to run with one of my great Inpirations on Sunday a Dessert Italian champ known as Paolo Barghini”

The below excerpt is taken from ‘Manny Pacquiao Strength Secret Revealed’

I’m a firm believer that steroids are not what made Manny Pacquiao crazy strong. There are many accusations and “fishy feelings” being planted in people’s heads about how impossible it is for Manny Pacquiao to summon such incredible strength for a man his size. The “uneducated” people think he cheated somehow. But, I think otherwise. To me, a brutal training regimen which includes an excellent nutritional plan and also gifted with prized genetics are what makes a person such as Manny Pacquiao a strong and very durable boxer. We all know why Manny is like a machine when he fights and it’s because he trains like a gladiator.

The other part is what Manny Pacquiao eats on a regular basis to fuel his Ferrari-like vehicle of a body and to speed up the recovery process. This would be the steroid of all vegetables. Like Popeye has his spinach, Manny has his Malunggay! (Moringa)

Among the many phenomenal abilities that the Malunggay plant can do are that it reduces blood pressure, restores a skin’s ablility to heal. It manages diabetes sugar levels and reduces arthritis pains and inflammation. Also, it restricts tumors and heals ulcers.

Bottom line is that this vegetable builds healthy skin, bone and muscle at a very accelerated pace. A must have superfood for all athletes to instill in their diets.

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