Moringa Powder Sachets

Akan Moringa Powder Sachets 30 x 3g

Akan Moringa Sachets Display box 30 x 3g_2

Akan Moringa Sachets Display box 30 x 3g_3

*** 100% High Quality Guaranteed ***

Our convenience pack has 30 sachets in a box to last you for the month,

alternatively they can be purchased at your health shop as individual units.

Akan Moringa Sachets 3g_1

Packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds. Ideal for pre & post workouts.

 A good source of plant-based protein.Akan Moringa Sachets 3g_2

It’s Simple…

Simply add 1 Daily Serving Sachet to your smoothie, yoghurt, porridge, soup or stew etc.

Our Moringa sachets are very convenient and this way you will always remember to take your Moringa.

Take One -a-Day Everyday to boost your immune system